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www.omotrapezos.com is needed in each hotel and banquet center (B.C).

Usually, to weddings, christenings, business dinners, etc., there is at the banquet center a series of numbered tables with specified number of participants at each table. The customer decides for the final position that every participant will have in numbered tables and so informs the hotel or banquet center.

The www.omotrapezos.com service exempts the staff of the hotel or (B.C) as well the customers from time-consuming procedures because it is fully automated. Customers can decide easily for the final positions that their guests will have in the numbered tables.

The procedure is as follows:
You must install a simple program that is available for download from our website. This program stores your customer's data and also generates a code automatically. These data are printed by the software and must be distributed to your customer.

The customer, having entered the website www.omotrapezos.com, using the printed code, will start with a simple way to establish the list of invitees, placing everyone in the appropriate numbered table.

As soon as the customer completes the final list with the honor guests he must submit it. Then the process is completed.

Our Office provides the hotel or (B.C) a username and password in order to use the service. So you can monitor the customer if he submitted the list of invitees. After that, you can print the list of invitees. The printed pages will be pinned somewhere in front of the entrance to the Banquet Hall.


1. Easy to use

2. The operation of the software can be done via a) PC b) iPad or Tablet with Android c) iPhone or any Smart phone

3. There is a data log file of all hotel or (B.C) customers

4. Anything related to banquets maintained computerized

5. The total number of guests from the date of service can be exported

6. The hotel or (B.C) know at any time which of their customers submitted their list of invitees

7. www.omotrapezos.com service is offered both in Greek and English

8. The hotel or (B.C) relieved of time-consuming procedures e.g. printing forms that the customer will fill. You may utilize internet technology for a modern and reliable cooperation of the hotel or (B.C) with the customer

9. The hotel or (B.C) will print the final list of invitees as submitted by the customer, thus exempt from any responsibility of possible errors that could occur by the hotel or (B.C)

10. The hotel or (B.C) can print the list of invitees to paper size A4 and A3

11. The Director of the hotel or (B.C) can give to more than one employee the right to access the www.omotrapezos.com by informing them the username and password to be able to access the system. Therefore, the operation of the system does not depend on a single person

12. The hotel or (B.C) may allow the customer to make changes to the list of invitees, even if he has already submitted it. This feature is ensured by special provision of the software

13. You may have access to the system by a computer or Tablet or Smart phone even outside the hotel or (B.C) if you can access to the internet

14. The customer does not need to install any software on his computer because he can fill the list of invitees via the web browser that exists in windows

15. The customer can check easily and directly the names of the guests at any numbered table

16. While the customer fills the list of invitees, the total number of invitees per table is displayed

17. Easy to move invitees from one numbered table to another

18. Easy deletion or insertion one guest to the guest list

19. The customer has the opportunity to note some specific points that should take account of the hotel or (B.C), in order to be successful the banquet

20. While the client fills the list of invitees, the system automatically sorts the names in alphabetical order

21. The customer can stop as many times as he wants, filling the guest list and resume later

22. No special equipment is required by the customer nor from the hotel or (B.C) in order to use www.omotrapezos.com service

23. There is no risk of data loss and thus the software maintenance is not necessary. The program does not run on the hotel computer or (B.C). Data is stored on the server hosting www.omotrapezos.com

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